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SAVE THE PATTEN HOUSE : Cultivating The Patten House's Future

Patten House southwest view

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Since 1898, the majestic Victorian located on the corner of Benton and Wood streets in Palatine has been admired by many and has become a symbol of Palatine's heritage. The Patten House with its white fašade and 3-story, round turret has recently been placed on the market. Its future is now uncertain.

PIAC , along with a group of community members, have pinpointed the Patten House located close to Village Hall and the downtown community campus as an ideal locale for a magnificent cultural arts center. Please address questions about the Patten House to [email protected]

This local landmark has architectural significance and is uniquely endowed to become a cultural arts center that serves the community. The facility would provide:

  • art classes,
  • small performances for dance,
  • theatre and
  • poetry readings.

Tours would outline the fine historical significance of the house. Anticipated uses for the expanse of the property include:

  • a sculpture garden for classes, performances, and tours
  • rental for weddings or community or corporate events

Funding and support are the keys to preserving a treasure such as this and your assistance is greatly needed. If you would like to make a contribution, please contact PIAC at 847-963-6451 or send email to [email protected] .

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dining room round tower room
library landing
northeast view southwest view
veranda east view

We are actively dedicated to the preservation of this stately landmark and will keep the community up to date with news as it becomes available to us. Please check this website for updates.

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