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Patten House Referendum

SAVE THE PATTEN HOUSE : Cultivating The Patten House's Future

Patten House southwest view

Historic preservation isn't always uppermost in the minds of voters as elections approach, but on this year's spring ballot a referendum question about a vintage home will appear. Yes, the Patten House, located on the corner of Benton and Wood Streets in Palatine and recently listed on the prestigious National Register of Historic Places, will be there.

Thanks to the efforts of Palatine Village Councilman Jim Wilson, on April 17, 2007 Palatine residents were asked to advise their Village Council regarding the purchase of the private Patten House for public use. Read the text of the referendum.

The important question then facing voters is whether the Village of Palatine should buy the historic Patten House. Councilman Wilson believes that it is up to the voters to decide. This is an opportunity for the Village to strike a balance between the old and the new. Palatine has seen significant development recently which has revitalized the community, but it is important to recognize that we have so much to preserve.

Thanks again to Councilman Wilson for getting this important community issue on the April ballot, and thanks to the residents voting on that ballot to support the referendum advising the Village of Palatine to do the right thing by purchasing an important part of our local heritage, the historic Patten House.

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