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Tips for Hiring an Interpreter

Hiring a bad interpreter can hurt your reputation in an event and eventually lead to losing friends and potential collaborators for future businesses. Here are some top tips for hiring an interpreter with legitimate presentation skills.

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1. Always go for Experienced Interpreters

Experience is important in almost everything we do in life. It is experience that distinguishes successful craftsmen from the unsuccessful. Interpreting is a unique skill that goes beyond knowing new languages, cultures and vocabularies. Experience in dealing with these issues is what is significantly important. Experienced interpreters who have done interpretation gigs for years know when, why, where and how to come up with effective interpretations for the overall satisfaction of the event attendees.

2. Proficiency in Languages Involved

It is always important to hire interpreters who not only understand the languages involved in the event, but also have high scores in competitive exams on the same languages. Proficiency in both languages is what tells apart excellent interpreters from the rest. For example, if you are dealing with an audience that understands sign language only, then your interpreter should be a graduate of a sign language school. Anyone with little or no understanding of the sign language will make a mess for the whole event.

3. Familiarity with the Local Cultural Practices

Your interpreter should know of the customs, taboos and other cultural practices of the local people you will be addressing. Certain interpretation signs and sounds might not augur well with the locals and can result into disconcerting understanding of the message. It is therefore important that the interpreters have knowledge on the signs to avoid in specific meetings. Other factors such as clothes not wear and how to address emotional messages should also be mastered by the interpreter prior to the presentation day.

4. Be Skeptical while Hiring Interpreters

Asking a lot of questions when hiring an interpreter can help you realize how skilled and effective their services will be for your event. For instance, if the interpreters say that they are fluent in let’s say, French and you really doubt it, then organizing for an interview where someone good in the French language will ask the questions as the interpreters answer can help you get the best services. Skeptical hirers always get the best interpreters due to their demanding questions.

5. Always Plan for Backups

What will happen if your original interpreter cannot make it to the event? How will you cope with such a situation if you do not have a backup plan? Well, there are thousands of cases whereby interpreters failed to reach meetings on time and therefore end up messing up important deals. The best way for ensuring top-quality interpretation services that will not spoil your party is by having a backup plan that involves rapid deployment of an equally qualified interpreter if the original one cannot make it to the event. You can achieve this easily by hiring companies that have hundreds of top-notch interpreters who are simply available for replacement purposes.

Lastly, remember to hire interpreters near you. The best interpretation services are those that are provided by companies located in your local town or city. Such interpreters are familiar with the local customs and way of life and are less likely to mess up your event.